Mills Specialty Metals Receives Impressive Safety Score for 2020

Safe Welding and Metal Fabrication Practices Atlanta GA

Every year, companies engaged in metal fabrication undergo testing to see how well they meet rigorous industry standards for safe operating conditions and practices. The score received is referred to as an Experience Modification Rate, or EMR. The average EMR score throughout the industry is 1.0.

For 2020, Mills is pleased to announce that its EMR score is 0.78, the best score received in its 10-year history, and significantly better than the industry average. (Lower is better.)

With a strong tradition of “Safety First,” Mills Specialty Metals takes many measures to help ensure safe operations during the metal fabrication and installation process.

Receiving an excellent EMR score is important to a metal fabrication company for obvious reasons, but it can have a notable financial benefit as well. EMR safety scores are used by insurance companies to help predict future risks; a low score such as the 0.78 Mills has achieved results in reduced cost for worker compensation insurance.